golden eagle .

Logistics The  company was incorporated  in 2010   upon more   23 years of  expertise so  that  the company has  all  logistic  and financial eligibility points and  experiences . in the field of which we  can support  by providing best  services with least   costs Since its establishment in 2010, Golden Eagle company has made significant progress in meeting its overall objectives and currently predicates in an increasingly broad range of business joint ventures .golden eagle owns directly and indirectly many subsidiaries .


The establishing

The history of Golden Eagle  company is start before Its inception in the alhakam group  company  to developed  the group for growth up  with Requirements of Iraqi market.Alhakam group decided  establishing Golden Eagle experience crew in many country .

  • Strengthening our commitment to HSSE.
  • Being an employer of choice.
  • Contributing to the Enterprise and State In a compliant, profitable, safe and environmentally  responsible manner.
  • Realizing value from technology.
  • Striving for excellence in performance
  • Little profit guarantee the sustainability of customers
  • speed and honesty in dealing Made us privileged

our Values

  • Honesty, Integrity and Transparency .
  • Being an employer of choice.
  • Partnership.
  • Flexibility
  • Quality and Excellence

Our goals and aspirations towards Iraq

Be a secure and reliable supplier in response to customer needs and, through the growth of technical capability and operating capacity, optimize the integrated value chain

Recruit and retain talented people and provide a highly performance-oriented
environment that motivates and supports development of leadership and technical capabilities .

Pursue a value-driven approach to research, identify, develop and deploy appropriate core and enabling technology solutions through investments, partnerships and technology transfer mechanisms

Achieve World Class performance and local compliance for Health, Security, Safety & Environment through definition, application and adherence to consistent policies and standards and the sharing of best practices

Strengthen a performance-driven and commercially-focused culture that maximizes value and manages risk through high standards, clarity of accountability and efficiency of business processes within a dynamic organisation.

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